Male University Students’ Dormitory in Tokyo, Japan.
Not merely a dormitory
but a place to cultivate virtue
through daily community life.

Opportunities are provided to be a man of "WAKEI".

What is "WAKEIJUKU"?

Wakeijuku was founded in 1955, by Japanese philanthropist, Kisaku Mayekawa (1895-1986). Wakeijuku is a dormitory for male university students aiming "Human Growth through daily community life", not a mere boarding house. "Wa" represents communication, "Kei" means reverence for "Sin-Zen-Bi"(the true, the good and the beautiful), and "Juku" means Private school which helps students to build up character. More than 5,000 alumni are playing active roles in Japan and the world.

Experience Japanese culture.

There are many cultural activities that students can train body and soul. You can experience Kendo, Iaido(Japanese swordsmanship), Judo, Karate, Tea ceremony, Game of Go, Calligraphy, Zen meditation, etc. Beginners are welcome.

Gorgeous environment in central Tokyo.

Convenient location to major universities in Tokyo.

e.g.) Waseda University's Waseda campus(8 minutes’ walk), Gakushuin University(20 minutes’ walk), Tokyo University's Hongo campus(20 minutes by bicycle), Sophia University's Yotsuya Campus(30 minutes by Tokyo Metro and walking), etc.

Founded on 6-acre premises of former Marquis Hosokawa.

Just a step in, you would feel petit shinrin-yoku(forest bathing) effect. Surrounded by a lot of greens, the air on the premises is entirely different from the outside world. Students here are privileged to enjoy seasonal changes of nature, even in central Tokyo.

Enjoy hot meals everyday with friends.

Registered dietician & licensed chef make well balanced menu, considering nutrition and the seasons' harvest. Breakfast and supper are included in the monthly dormitory fee.

Any questions about admission or request an application form

JST 9:00-17:00 (Weekday) / Atn: Ms. Shimofukasako